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Reading list guide for students

Giving students quick and easy access to resources recommended by lecturers

Get More From...Your Moodle Reading Lists

Moodle unit areas contain links to your online reading lists and here are five reasons you should use them...

1. Saves time

Your Moodle reading lists provide quick access to a wide range of resources so you can spend more time on your readings.

2. Easy access to the information you need

Moodle reading lists gather links to online resources in one location, and provide real-time information about print book availability.

3. Personalise your reading lists

You can add your own notes and record your reading intentions and progress. Lists can be sorted and downloaded too!

4. Quality information

Further improve your learning experience with access to good quality relevant information.

5. Recommended reading just for you

See the resources your lecturers have chosen to support the units you are studying.


An introduction to your Moodle Reading Lists

  • Welcome to your online resource lists!  You can browse your list using the scroll on the right hand side of the screen. Click on Table of contents.
  • From here you can jump to the different sections of the list. You can use the drop down menu to Group the list by type of resource such as books, chapters or webpages.  Selecting group by importance will divide the list into items recommended for purchase, essential or further reading.  You can search for a specific book or author using this box.
  • Anything available online will be marked with this blue button.  Click the online resource button to view the item.
  • If prompted to sign in, enter your usual network username and password.
  • Some items are not available online.  Click on the title to view more details.
  • If the item is available in the library, view the details here.  Write down the shelf mark to help you find the item on the shelves.  To find out more click on ‘View in catalogue’.  If all items are out on loan or at another site you will have the option to reserve a copy. You can also purchase items from Amazon by clicking here.
  • Some items have been scanned for you by the Library and this is called a digitisation.  Sign in to use these scanned items using your usual network username and password.
  • You can read the scanned item on the screen and there are also options to print or download.
  • Click here to sign in
  • Once you are signed in, you can use the list to organise your reading.  Use the Read status menu to record your reading intentions and track progress.
  • Your reading intentions will be displayed on the list.  Click on add note
  • From here, you can create a private study note for your reading.
  • You can amend notes by clicking on edit note. Click on your name at the top of the screen to view your profile.
  • From here, you will be able to see any reading intentions you have set and any notes you have added.
  • Click on Export to download your list in PDF format.
  • You can then save or print your list by clicking on these icons.
  • For more help and information, please ask a member of staff in the Library or visit the Library website

Explore your reading lists on Moodle in 15 seconds

Access your resources by going to your unit on Moodle and then clicking on the Full Reading List from the Library block on the right of the screen. Your reading list will then open up.


Finding your reading list via Aspire

Go to the Manchester Metropolitan Reading Lists homepage.

To check if there is a reading list for your unit: type the name of the unit or unit code into the search box.


Thanks to The University of Reading Library and The University of Edinburgh Library.