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Search for books, articles and more.

How to search

Searching with Library Search is easy: enter some search words into the Library Search box and select Search.

Your search words can be:

  • Word/s that describe a subject you are researching
  • A few words from the title of a book and/or an author name
  • Words from an article title and/or author  

You can choose to search all of Library Search or ask it to just find a content type, e.g. journal articles or books/ebooks.

Find full text

Run a search, then select Full Text Online (screenshot below)...

Filter by full text online option in Library Search

... and Library Search will show you a list of results available to read online.

Just looking for a book?

 books/ebooks selected on library search search box

  • Select Books/eBooks  
  • Enter your search terms and select Search

Only want eBooks? Enter your search words, select Books/eBooks, then Search and refine your list of results by Full Text Online.

Library Search screenshot showing full text online and books/ebooks filters selected.


Want to use advanced search?

advanced search link screenshot

Select Advanced search and you can search for an author, words in a title, by ISBN and ISSN, in a particular journal and by date.