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Providing a core service to enhance learning, teaching and research


Our core services to staff and students comprise: 

  • A comprehensive catalogue that enables students to find materials, borrow them and manage loans. It also provides direct access to electronic books and other online resources.
  • An easy to use web-based platform for searching and retrieving information from thousands of sources, including e-journals, newspapers and other data.
  • Structured systems that integrate fully with Moodle to deliver personalised reading lists and legally digitised material to the student’s desktop.
  • On-demand, friendly supportive help via library staff help desks, email and phone enquiry services regarding any aspect of the Library’s services or resources.
  • Group training for students and staff on the effective and timely use of resources via quality Induction and InfoSkills. 


Key services

Library service standards

The service standards section gives a formal overview of the Library's aims and the current level of service offered.