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Monitoring of Library Performance 2013 - 2014

LSM & PLA to ensure that monitoring has been completed for each of the following areas, on an annual basis, and any dips in performance are noted together with any actions taken.

Site/section: Academic year:
Relates to LPS Monitoring by type 2013 - 2014
1. Books shelved Shelving monitoring
Note of termly monitoring of shelving.
Checklists signed by local managers show that 99% of books found to be in correct place or on loan.
2. Library stock straightened Straightening rota
Forms initialled to indicate that straightening rota is being undertaken as prescribed in LPS.
Checklists signed by local managers show that targets have been met, i.e. library stock is straightened by a team of library staff for a designated period each day, to ensure the entire library is straightened at least once a term. This ensures that customers can locate items easily. On occasions the target has been exceeded.
3. Reservations satisfied Pickings list
Forms initialled to indicate that pickings list procedures are being completed at least three times a week.
Checklists signed by local managers show that targets have been met, ie lists of reserved items checked at least 3 times a week to ensure that these are supplied promptly to customers. Most sites are now exceeding the target and checking daily.
4. Stock purchase/acquisition Material supplied speedily to customers Monitoring by staff indicate Service Level Targets are met.
5. Effective stock management Reservations in demand slip
Forms initialled to indicate that appropriate action has been taken in relation to the reservations in demand slips.
Checklists signed by local managers show that heavily used stock is being identified and appropriate action taken to ensure that access to this material is maximised.
6. Special Collections & NWFA Three exhibitions planned each year
in Special Collections, and 15-20 film shows per year held in the NWFA.
Correspondence and discussions show that the target is being met and exceeded in this area.
7. Library environment conducive to study Library patrols
Forms initialled to indicate that library patrols are being carried out according to the LPS.
Library noise patrols are being carried out as specified in the performance standard. 90% of customers who completed the survey May 13-May 14 indicated they were satisfied with the range of learning environments available (group study/silent study etc).
8. Library opening hours Opening hours
published one month in advance.
Regular email reminders ensure information is on the web site well in advance of the one month deadline.
9. Customer enquiries E-mails dealt with efficiently within one working day Enquires continue to be answered within one working day. 100% of students (13-14) who replied to the survey rated they were satisfied or very satisfied with the level and support in finding information.
10. InfoSkills Students feel more confident following their session Evaluation forms for the academic year 2013-14 show that 93% of students who attended an InfoSkills/Induction sessions felt the amount of information provided was appropriate, and 92% of students said they felt more confident in finding information for their assignments following the session.
11. Academic Liaison Meetings
Meeting Attendance sheet completed and loaded onto shared drive (documenting attendance and issues raised at programme committees Faculty Board etc).
All meetings have been attended as specified and feedback has been included in the twice yearly analysis. This standard ensures that library staff receive feedback from students and staff at committee meetings and that appropriate action is taken.
12. PLPs PLP checklist
Form initialled to indicate that PLPs have been responded to within the prescribed period (five working days).
All sites reported that they have met the target for inviting customers with PLPs to attend a one-to-one session with a member of library staff within five days.


Record of any concerns from the monitoring against Library Performance Standards Actions taken
No concerns this year. We are pleased that the standards have been maintained despite the challenges faced by the service as a result of the consolidation process (site closures, stock moves, refurbishments, etc).