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Term 2: Spring and Summer 2013/14 (including Xmas & spring vacations)

The Library regularly collects feedback on its services through a variety of sources (comments forms, e-mails, programme committees, letters, Facebook and Twitter). This is a summary of your views for the above period, with our comments.  Please note that all the comments we received are carefully considered and action taken where appropriate, but we only provide a formal response where we have received two or more comments on a particular subject, unless a single comment raises a particularly important issue.

We implement suggestions by customers wherever possible, so please continue to let us have your views.

Your comment: Our response: Number of comments:
Comments on online resources & print stock We continue to make available as wide a range of books as our budget allows, including access to over 150,000 electronic books, and 60,000 journal titles most of which are searchable through our Library Search interface. If you have any difficulties finding the resources you need, then please talk to a member of library staff who will do their best to help. 121 comments
(70 negative)
      Networked resources We’re glad that the new Library Search facility and online resources are proving popular and you’re finding them easy to use. You also commented that Manchester Metropolitan University Library compares favourably with other universities, which we’re pleased to hear, though some of you have been struggling to access resources because of publishers’ downtime. We liaise with the publishers as soon as we find out about any issue to get it resolved as quickly as possible, so please, carry on keeping us informed. 20 comments
(9 negative)
  Range of material incl books & eBooks We try to ensure the range of printed and online material meets your needs, though some of you have commented that more stock is needed at the sites. Now the all Manchester resources are in one library at All Saints, you have access to much more information across a range of subject areas. There were some requests for more multiple copies of texts, which we try to address by always ensuring multiple copies of essential reading, but also appreciation of the huge range of eBooks that are available 24/7. 101 comments
(61 negative)
Comments on PCs & software We have listened carefully to the comments made by students and wherever possible, responded positively to this feedback. 49 comments
(45 negative)
  More computers needed in different zones Additional PCs will be installed when the 5th floor at All Saints is refurbished. We’ll also be introducing self-service laptop loans at All Saints in September. Both these services should give students more options for working in silent, quiet or group areas. However, please remember that there are also PCs in other buildings on campus and it is possible to check the availability of them on campus using the Find a free PC facility on Moodle. 16 comments
(15 negative)
  Library Catalogues We’ve had a few comments from you that you feel there aren’t enough library catalogues in the library. We’ll be reviewing this over the next academic term to work out exactly what is needed. 6 comments
(6 negative)
  Specialist software needed on library PCs Within the University, specialist software is the responsibility of individual faculties and licences are limited to specific faculty buildings. 17 comments
(17 negative)
  Wireless network problematic Some of you have unfortunately had some issues with losing the connection to the wireless network whilst at All Saints library. IT Services investigated and discovered that an increasing number of mobile devices were automatically searching for WiFi and consequently the Access Points (APs) were unable to cope. They are implementing an upgrade in September to increase capacity and will continue to monitor the situation as a priority. 4 comments
(4 negative)
  Keyboards need changing/cleaning Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The keyboards used to be cleaned on a regular basis by an external company. We’ll investigate further to find out what’s happening about this. 2 comments
(2 negative)
  Plug sockets Some of you were asking for more plug sockets while others were happy that they were able to use the ones provided. We’re always happy for students to use the plug sockets for their mobile devices as long as no library equipment is unplugged as a result. 2 comments
(1 negative)
  Request for helpsheets for specific software packages Whilst it isn’t possible for the Library to provide helpsheets on specific software packages, a new service is now available to Manchester Metropolitan University students and staff that will provide support in this area. provides support in specific software packages, and much more. It has over 100,000 professional video tutorials, covering a vast range of skills, including:
  • IT: from day-to-day tasks using Office 2013 to coding in a variety of programming languages.
  • Education: advice for classroom management, writing research papers and using Moodle.
  • Design: get the best from Adobe Creative Suite or CAD, developing web sites and 3D animation.
  • Business: this section is where you’ll find the employability/soft skills such as successful presentations, job-hunting online and communication skills.
  • Video & photography: shooting, production and editing, home videos to blockbuster movies!
  • Audio & music recording, mastering, mixing and production using a range of software.
Library staff are friendly, helpful and responsive Again, we’re very pleased that many students and staff feel that the support we’re providing is meeting their needs and that you’re finding the staff supportive and helpful. 29 comments
(1 negative)
Comments about the building/ environment We aim to provide as pleasant and welcoming environment as possible. However, some issues are not always within our control, particularly those relating to temperature. We will continue to monitor these and raise with our colleagues in Property Services as a matter of urgency. 28 comments
(22 negative)
  Noise in the library As many of you will know, Manchester Metropolitan University libraries are zoned for quiet, silent, group work, and phone zones so that customers can choose to work in the area which most suits their needs. Noise patrols are undertaken regularly and staff do all they can to minimise disruption to those studying, and it is good to see we are receiving less comments now about noise in the library. If you are being disturbed by noise, however, please talk to a member of Library staff, of it you prefer to text anonymously, the number is advertised in the study zones in each library. Some of you have commented that you like having this service. 11 comments
(9 negative)
  General study areas We’re pleased students have found the zoning and study areas useful, and can normally find a place to work that best suits their needs. We’re also awaiting for the refurbishment of the 5th floor to open, (in October) which will provide access to more study spaces. 4 comments
(0 negative)
  Temperature unsatisfactory Some customers found the temperature in some libraries unsatisfactory (both too hot and too cold). We continue to report temperature problems to colleagues in Facilities who make every effort to improve the situation. The situation is complicated by the fact that it can be difficult to find a temperature that suits everyone. Please continue to let us know when you feel that the temperature is too hot/cold and, if possible, we’ll direct you to an area which is more comfortable for you. 10 comments
(10 negative)
  Slippery floor at entrance to the SKG Library at All Saints Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ll investigate further to find out what’s happening about this. 3 comments
(3 negative)
Opening hours Some of you commented on liking the longer opening hours over the summer at All Saints, and it’s good to see you’re still enjoying the 24/7 opening at All Saints during term. There have been a couple of comments about the sites not being open at vacation weekends and Crewe library closing at midnight. There are 24/7 computing and study facilities available at Crewe campus in the Student Zone 24/7 (except Wednesday nights). The library did pilot 24/7 a couple of years ago but there was no recorded usage of study after midnight. 24/7 study zone on campus is also available with a swipe card. Vending facilities are available in both these areas. 10 comments
(4 negative)
InfoSkills/Induction We had positive comments on the help and support offered through induction and Infoskills, though some of you wanted the timings to be earlier. We continue to liaise with tutors over the timing of these sessions, and hope that for the majority of students we get this timing right. Please just come and ask at the helpdesk if you feel you need support in any area. 9 comments
(3 negative)
Security issues & procedures Some of you were disappointed that library staff are not there to provide support and advice after 8.45pm, and have commented that security staff have not been as helpful in providing the support you needed. Most university libraries provide this model of opening in order to be able to offer a 24/7 service, so unfortunately detailed help and support cannot always be available. 5 comments
(5 negative)
Library procedures There were some concerns over the length of loan periods for books, some of you wanted them to be loaned for longer, others wanted the length of time the book was loaned out to be reduced if the book had been reserved.  Again for the majority of students we hope we’ve got this loan period right. 5 comments
(5 negative)
Comments on printers A few of you asked for large scale/wide format or 3D printers in the library. These require specialist support and are available via Manchester Metropolitan University Print Services. 4 comments
(4 negative)
Possible concerns over there being no physical library at Birley There have been some concerns over how far you will need to walk from Birley to the All Saints library, and some of you have voiced those concerns. However, it is nice to know that others are looking forward to having all the resources in Manchester under one roof. Library staff will be roving at Birley during key times, and IT Rovers will also be there to provide support and advice when you need it. Don’t forget that the physical library may be 10 mins walk away but all the library’s e-resources will be available wherever you have access to a PC or mobile device. 4 comments
(3 negative)
Better signage needed at All Saints Over the summer a huge amount of work has been carried out on the library, and we are constantly looking at student comments to see what areas can be improved in terms of direction and informative signs. We are planning to update the signage in the Autumn Term to reflect changes that have taken place. 2 comments
(2 negative)
Issues with the drinks vending machine in the All Saints Library We are sorry that there have been problems with the drinks machines.  We do report faults to the company who supplied the machines as soon as we are aware that a machine is not working (faults noted overnight are reported the following morning), and hopefully the issues are resolved promptly. The good news is that the vending company installed new higher spec machines in August so this should improve their reliability. 2 comments
(2 negative)


(166 negative)

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