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Term 1: Autumn 2013/14

The Library regularly collects feedback on its services through a variety of sources (comments forms, e-mails, programme committees, letters, Facebook and Twitter). This is a summary of your views for the above period, with our comments. Please note that all the comments we received are carefully considered and action taken where appropriate, but we only provide a formal response where we have received two or more comments on a particular subject, unless a single comment raises a particularly important issue.

Your comment: Our response: Number of comments:
Various comments on the availability of study spaces and PCs in the All Saints Library: We have listened carefully to the comments made by students on the changes made in the All Saints Library over the summer and, wherever possible, have responded positively to this feedback. 93 comments
(93 negative)
      Not enough group study space The first floor east wing has now been re-designated as a group study area. In addition, the two meeting rooms on the fifth floor are available to students as study areas during the evening and weekends. 14 comments
  Access needed from 5th floor group study space to the Library Access to the fifth floor is now through the library which means that this area is open 24/7. 20 comments
  Opening hours of the 5th floor group study space 16 comments
  Lack of silent/ quiet study space There are difficulties providing silent study areas in a building with large open spaces, but the fourth floor has been re-designated as a silent study area and there are also silent zones in the east and west wings of the second floor. Every effort will be made to ensure that silence is maintained in these areas: students who are being disturbed by noise can text anonymously in order to alert staff to the problem and the area will be patrolled. Library staff have also publicised the different zones in the library on faculty Moodle pages to encourage students to choose the appropriate zone for the type of work they are doing.
In future, we may consider screening off an area on the fourth floor to create a more manageable silent study area. It would not be possible, however, to do this before the next summer vacation at the earliest.
(4 negative)
  Not enough space generally As described above, measures have been taken to deal with this. 1 comment
(1 negative)
  Lack of PCs An additional 80 PCs have been installed on the ground floor. It is hoped that over the next summer vacation, PCs will be installed on the fifth floor of the All Saints Library and the PCs currently on the ground floor will be moved into this area. Please remember that there are PCs in other buildings on campus and it is possible to check the availability of PCs on campus using the Find a free PC facility on Moodle. 38 comments
(38 negative)
Library staff are friendly, helpful and responsive Again, we’re pleased many students and staff feel that the support we’re providing is meeting their needs. 31 comments
(31 positive)
Some customers found the temperature in some libraries unsatisfactory (both too hot and too cold) We continue to report temperature problems to colleagues in Facilities who make every effort to improve the situation. The situation is complicated by the fact that it can be difficult to find a temperature that suits everyone. Please continue to let us know when you feel that the temperature is too hot/cold and, if possible, we’ll direct you to an area which is more comfortable for you. 18 comments
(18 negative)
Various comments on the range/ number of books available We continue to make available as wide a range of books as our budget allows, including over 150,000 electronic books. Library staff give much thought to the selection of books and other items so we’re pleased when customers appreciate the range of material available to them.
In order to improve access to key texts, we have implemented a reading list strategy, which ensures that the essential texts for each unit are identified and made available electronically, if possible, or in sufficient numbers in print. We are confident that this has already made it easier for customers to get access to key texts. If you have difficulty getting access to the books you need, please talk to a member of library staff who will do their best to help.
(6 positive
5 negative)
Various comments about the quality of the library environment We aim to provide a pleasant and welcoming environment and have recently made significant improvements in some areas which have been appreciated. Wherever possible (and affordable) we have implemented the changes suggested by customers, so please continue to let us have your views. 10 comments
(10 positive)
Better signage needed In the All Saints Library we had temporary signage in placed while alterations/moves took place. Permanent signing has now been installed which should make it easier for all customers to find their way around. 9 comments
(9 negative)
Appreciation of Library Search Library Search is our new search engine which offers a single search box that searches full-text journals, books, e-books, newspapers and many other types of material. It is proving very popular. If you would like to find out more about Library Search, please ask any member of Library Staff or go to the Library website and have a go! 9 comments
(9 positive)
Comments on opening hours The extended opening hours (including 24/7 opening at All Saints) are very well used. We do appreciate, however, that the shorter hours during the summer vacation were inconvenient for some students so this year we are hoping to offer some additional evening and/or weekend opening during this period at All Saints.
(We hope to continue the additional hours offered at Crewe during August last year.)
(5 positive
3 negative)
Noise in the library As many of you will know, we have introduced zones for quiet, silent and group work in all our libraries so that customers can choose to work in the area which most suits their needs. We also have zones for phone use. Noise patrols are undertaken regularly and staff do all they can to minimise disruption to those studying.
Please talk to a member of Library staff if you are being disturbed by noise. If you prefer you can also text anonymously to alert staff to the problem. The text number is advertised in the study zones in each library.
(5 negative)
Appreciation of Box of Broadcasts service (BoB) This is a new service which allows students and staff to record programmes which will be broadcast over the next seven days, as well as retrieving programmes from the last seven days of recorded channels. In addition, the BoB archive offers access to thousands of TV and radio programmes of all types. There is a link to the service on the Library website. 5 comments
(5 positive)
Lack of access to journals Library currently spends around £2 million per year on journals. In an ideal world, we would be able to expand our journals collection but the reality is that budgets are tight and journal prices are rising at a worrying rate. Customers who feel that they are facing problems getting hold of journal information they need should talk to Library staff who will suggest alternatives. 4 comments
(4 negative)
Books have the wrong loan periods We aim to match the loan period for a book (one day, one week, four weeks) to the amount of demand for the item, using the one day and one week loan to ensure that as many students as possible can get access to books in demand. We realise that shorter loan period can be inconvenient, but it does mean that more students can get access to the item and, wherever possible, we get the electronic versions of books in demand to improve access. 3 comments
(3 negative)
Specialist software not available on library PCs We are currently in discussion with colleagues in IT Services and where licences permit, will make specialist software available on library PCs. 3 comments
(3 negative)
Poor lighting on first floor, All Saints Library New lighting has been installed on this floor since these comments were made. We hope that this has solved the problems. 2 comments
(2 negative)
There have been problems with the drinks vending machine in the All Saints Library We are sorry that there have been problems with the drinks machines. We do report faults to the company who supplied the machines as soon as we are aware that a machine is not working (faults noted overnight are reported the following morning). 2 comments
(2 negative)
PCs being used for non academic purposes We agree that it is frustrating to see PCs being used for non academic purposed when you need a PC for studying. If this happens, please talk to a member of library staff who will do all they can to find you access to a PC. 2 comments
(2 negative)
Hand drier in the toilet is too high We have reported this problem to colleagues in Facilities who are looking into the situation. 2 comments
(2 negative)

MR/JE February 2014