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Policies and regulations

Learning and working together in the library.

Library rules and regulations

Use of the Library is conditional on observance of the Rules and Regulations.  Users must familiarise themselves and comply with these, and with any reasonable request or instruction issued by library staff.  Anyone failing to do so may be temporarily excluded from the Library and/or incur a fine.

The University Librarian or other member of staff on duty at the time has authority to require any person he/she considers to be in breach of the Library’s Rules and Regulations or otherwise behaving inappropriately to leave the Library immediately.  A student who refuses to obey an instruction to leave the Library, given by a librarian or other member of library staff on duty at the time, may be summarily suspended from the University by the Vice-Chancellor pending further disciplinary action against them under the University’s Student Disciplinary Procedure.

The University Librarian has the right to refer any breaches by students of the Rules and Regulations and/or verbal abuse or improper behaviour towards library staff, other library users and the Library in general to the relevant Head of Department (or equivalent) or Dean of Faculty for dealing with under the University’s Student Disciplinary Procedures.  Students banned from the Manchester Metropolitan University Library following such a disciplinary action within the University may be permanently banned from all of the other university libraries in the North West.

Students who fail to pay their tuition or accommodation fees, library or other fines, or to repay any loans made to them by the University within the time specified for so doing, will have their library facilities suspended until such time as satisfactory payment/repayment arrangements have been made and agreed by the University.

Specific rules and regulations


  1. Access to the University Library is restricted to staff and students of the University who are in possession of a current valid identity card issued by the Manchester Metropolitan University, and to such other persons as may be authorised by the University Librarian. Cards are not transferable.
  2. Details of each user’s name, address, department and such particulars as may be deemed necessary for the secure and effective operation of the Library’s service are used in the Library’s computer systems, on the understanding that this information will be held securely, divulged only as permitted under the Data Protection Act, 1998, and used only for purposes registered and approved under the provisions of the Act.
  3. Students are required to carry their University student identity card and staff to carry their University staff identity card to gain entry and to use the Library, and must produce this when required to do so by an authorised person. This, or any other library identity card, must be used only by the member to whom it is issued.
  4. Adults and children are welcome to visit the Museum in the All Saints Library, but otherwise access to the Library for children cannot be assumed, except to the foyer area so that parents/guardians can collect/return items and use the catalogue. Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety of children in their care at all times, and must ensure they cause no damage or disturbance. Special arrangements must always be made for groups of children.

Use of Facilities and Services

  1. Bags, etc, are allowed in the Library at the discretion of the University Librarian.  It is a condition that all bags, trolleys and cases, including those with wheels, are carried through the Library exit and are subject to inspection if required.  Bags and other personal possessions should not be left unattended, for reasons of security and to avoid tying up study spaces.  The Library has no responsibility in case of damage to or theft of personal property.
  2. Appropriate behaviour is required in all parts of the Library.  Users of the Library should respect the use of designated silent and quiet study zones.  Group work can only take place in the zones/rooms assigned for this purpose.  Phones should either be switched off or set to silent mode on entering the libraries.  The use of mobile phones to make and receive calls is prohibited except in designated areas.  Users failing to comply with these requirements, or who behave inappropriately anywhere in the Library will be asked to leave.  Any subsequent incidents will be subject to a fine and/or ban, or referral to the Dean of Faculty for consideration within the terms of the appropriate University disciplinary procedures.
  3. Wrapped, packet sweets and bottled soft drinks with screw tops are allowed, except in the Museum in the All Saints Library. However, the consumption of food and drink is otherwise not allowed in the Library except in specifically designated areas. Anyone entering with hot food and/or unlidded drinks, neither of which are allowed under any circumstances, may be refused admission or asked to leave.
  4. The use of personal audio equipment is not permitted in the Library if its use disturbs others.  Photography, filming, and sound recording is not allowed without the prior permission of the University Librarian.
  5. Mains operated personal equipment, except laptops, should not be used without the prior permission of a librarian.  Where use of the mains is permitted, other equipment should not be unplugged and wires should not trail so as to cause a trip hazard. Furniture should not be moved.
  6. Users are required to comply with copyright regulations when photocopying, scanning, photographing, printing or downloading from information resources in print, electronic or any other format.
  7. Data retrieved from the Library’s electronic resources may not be used for purposes other than learning, teaching, research, personal educational development, administration and management of the Manchester Metropolitan University, and development work associated with any of the aforementioned.  Use of the data is not permitted for consultancy or services leading to commercial exploitation of the data, nor for work of significant benefit to the employer of students on industrial placement or part-time courses.  Users must also comply with the specific requirements of individual data providers.  Passwords must never be deliberately or inadvertently revealed or made accessible to others. Access to e-resources will be withdrawn in case of abuse. See also Student Regulations for Use of University Computing Resources.
  8. There is priority at some PCs for disabled students and for those using subscribed electronic information resources. Priority at all PCs is for use of educational research resources.

Loans, Fees and Charges

  1. Any items taken out of the Library must be properly authorised and recorded.  Damage to, or unauthorised removal of, items constitutes a serious offence and may lead to a fine or disciplinary action.
  2. Loan allowances and periods are defined in guides to library services.  Most books, etc, can be renewed remotely up to a maximum of ten times unless reserved by another user.  A reserved item is subject to recall once it has been on loan for eight days. There are restrictions on the renewal of some items, e.g. laptops, one-day loan items.
  3. Fines are charged on overdue items (current rates are advertised in guides to library services).  If fines are outstanding, borrowing rights may be withdrawn and passwords for access to electronic services withheld until such time as those fines are paid.
  4. Most library communications are by email to a student’s official University email address, including, e.g., information about access to e-resources, overdue, recall, reservation and inter-library loan notices.  It is the responsibility of users to check regularly for these messages.
  5. Users are responsible for items borrowed on their cards and for their return by the due date.  They will be required to pay for any damage to, and/or theft or loss of, items borrowed, at replacement cost plus an administrative charge.  The Library is not insured for theft of or damage to loans. Damaged items remain the property of the Library both before and after payment; borrowing rights are withdrawn while payment is outstanding.
  6. Access to libraries and/or borrowing rights may be withdrawn temporarily if fees/charges in other parts of the University are outstanding.


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