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Your rights and responsibilities

Learning and working together in the library.

Learning and working together in the library

Library staff are committed to providing high-quality services for all customers, but an excellent educational experience depends on a close and effective partnership. Manchester Metropolitan University Library’s Commitment, as outlined below, describes the expectations, standards and responsibilities of both partners, and sits alongside the Library Rules and Regulations and the Manchester Metropolitan University Commitment.

Library Services Mission

The Library's Mission is:

  • To aim for excellence in the provision of services in support of learning, teaching, scholarship and research;
  • To be accessible and responsive to student and staff needs by proactively trying to understand and anticipate requirements;
  • To contribute to ensuring that the overall student experience is of the highest quality;
  • To develop networks of external links with other educational institutions and the wider community.

Our commitment to you

  • To provide a safe, pleasant, accessible and welcoming environment with designated zones for group, silent/quiet work and mobile phone use;
  • To provide access to resources to support your study and research, and to help you use them effectively;
  • To be approachable and treat you fairly, with courtesy and respect, taking individual needs into account as appropriate;
  • To develop and maintain a skilled, friendly and responsive staff, who are committed to helping you get the best from your library service;
  • To seek your views and use this feedback to help design and improve our services, and publish responses to your feedback annually;
  • To promote our services effectively and ensure that any changes are publicised clearly and in good time.

Your commitment to us

  • To act responsibly while in the library so as not to disturb others, particularly with regard to mobile phone and personal audio device use, appropriate use of zones, and by not eating hot food (other than in the Chat Zone on the ground floor of All Saints Library);
  • To treat library staff and fellow customers with courtesy and respect at all times, and to use the facilities provided appropriately, not compromising the well-being of others;
  • To take responsibility for carrying your student card and ensuring all items are properly issued before leaving the library, and to observe the legal rules relating to the use of electronic resources and copyright.

Our commitment to improving customer satisfaction

An important element in improving our services is your feedback. We welcome your views on any aspect of the service, but please note that in order to ensure that the library provides a positive and welcoming environment for all students in support of effective study and learning, library staff may:

  • Request to see appropriate identification;
  • Ask customers to modify their behaviour or request them to leave;
  • File a misconduct report when appropriate, which may lead to a fine, temporary exclusion from library premises and/or disciplinary action; it may also lead to customers not being permitted access to other academic libraries through cooperative schemes such as SCONUL Access.

Please don’t hesitate to talk to library staff if you’d like further information or help using any of the resources.

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September 2012