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Books buy you

Students can suggest print book titles for the Library to purchase.

About the scheme


We work closely with lecturers to buy the books you need for your course. You told us you want more print books, so we're trialling a new scheme to get you the books you want in the Library.


Books Buy You is our new scheme to buy you the resources you need. If the Library doesn't own the book you need for your studies, tell us and we'll buy a print copy if we can for the Library.


Let us know the details of the book you need. When the book arrives we'll email you to let you know it is ready to collect.

More information

How do I order a book?

Who can order books through this scheme?

Can I order any book I like?

How many books can I order?

How long will it take for the book to arrive?

How do I know when the book has arrived?

How long can I borrow the book for?

Is the scheme running all the time?

How can I give feedback on this scheme?

I'm a member of staff. Why can't I use this scheme?

What we've spent

Bookshelf with books: quarter of budget spent